Introducing ERM Rwanda

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest partner ministry in Rwanda!

For 20 years, ERM Rwanda has been serving orphaned children in Kigali, the country’s capital. Together we are expanding their sponsorship program into the rural outskirts of the city where a new generation of vulnerable kids are struggling against poverty, disease, and lack of education. Founded by Rwandan pastor Emmanuel Sitaki, and working through local churches, they are reaching out to change these young lives with the love of Jesus.

Like many of the African leaders we partner with, Emmanuel’s journey into ministry work was filled with tragedy and personal loss. He was in Rwanda in 1994 during the genocide. You can read the story here of how God saved his life and allowed him to escape the country. Over one million people were killed during the genocide, and Emmanuel lost 35 of his close relatives.

In the years that followed, God filled Emmanuel’s heart with forgiveness and compassion. In 1996 he returned to Rwanda to help bring the hope and healing of Christ to those whose lives had been devastated. On that trip Emmanuel came across nine orphans and took them in. He did not know how he would provide for the children, but soon God revealed a plan. He began connecting widows and orphans into revitalized families. Ever since, ERM Rwanda has been focused on the transforming power of relationships—both with Christ and with each other. Through regular visits to their homes, program staff and volunteers offer support and counsel to each child, as well as making sure that medical and educational needs are being met. Once a week all the sponsored children gather together at the church for worship, Biblical teaching, activities, and a meal.

Lahash’s passion to partner with East African ministries and to build meaningful relationships between kids and sponsors is a perfect fit to come alongside the work of ERM Rwanda. Working with local churches in the area, they have identified the children most in need of sponsorship and assistance. Will you join with us and ERM Rwanda to change the lives of these kids? There are many children in need of sponsors right now. Click the button below to meet this precious kids, and start them on a journey of hope and healing today.