Alice Joins The Family

by Edwin Angote

This year, I had a chance to visit Lahash’s partner ministry in Rwanda. They care for over 70 kids in their program. My team and I were there to help with the Christmas gift distribution for the Sponsorship Program, conduct a child survey, and review their financial records. During the same period, they were also adding some new kids into their sponsorship program who had come from very challenging backgrounds. 

I met a 4-year-old girl named Alice who was one of these new children. I felt a lot of connection during my interaction with her. She was really crying next to her grandmother Domina, who is 85 years old. I later learned that Domina wasn’t actually her grandmother but her caregiver. Every time I picked Alice up she would stop crying, and when I set her down she would start to cry again. I had an opportunity to sit down with her and feed her and then I asked more about her story.

Domina had been walking by a garden, and she heard a child crying. She was very curious what was going on because it sounded as if no one was there to care for the child. When she moved closer to check, she found a little baby girl covered up and all alone. Domina was very disturbed. She picked up the baby and inquired nearby to find out who was her caregiver, but nobody took responsibility. Alice had been abandoned by her parents and left in the garden to die. Domina was bold enough to take her in despite her old age and be her caregiver. Since she can’t afford to pay school fees for Alice, she feels she “doesn’t have much to offer.”  But I disagree—she has love and compassion and that is why Alice is safe and alive today!

Because we live in Kenya, the rest of my family have met Alice only through pictures so far, but there is a great connection growing. We have decided to welcome Alice into our family by sponsoring her. Alice likes to draw and her favorite food is chips (french fries). She is in the same age bracket with my own two kids, Jamal and Keilah, and they pray for her. My family is thrilled to sponsor this young girl and we want to see her grow and contribute to society and her community. She has a bright future!

There are many other kids I met in Rwanda who are in need of sponsors, too. You can welcome them into your family by becoming a sponsor! Meet the kids here on our sponsorship page. Thank You!


Edwin Angote started working with Lahash in 2007 helping oversee the East African partnerships. He visits all partner locations, provides training and oversight regarding financial systems and accountability, and helps immensely with facilitating the events and trips that bring travelers to East Africa. Edwin and his wife, Christine, live in central Kenya with their son and daughter.