• New Video – Blessed

    We are excited to share our new video for 2015 titled "Blessed". This video is of the Lahash team and our partners speaking from the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 5 verses 1-16).   Blessed from Lahash International on Vimeo.  

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  • Reviving Christmas

    Article by Jen Johnson It’s rarely possible for donors or sponsors to witness the children’s eyes lighting up as they receive their Christmas gifts. These stories will let you peek in on those magical moments at two of our partnerships in Tanzania. Each specially chosen gift not only makes a huge difference in a child’s daily life, but serves as an important reminder that they are “specially chosen” too. [caption id="attachment_5009" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="A child at Path ...

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  • Don’t Give Up the Fight – World AIDS Day 2014

    Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re not only personally affected by, but personally invested in doing something about the issue of HIV-AIDS crisis in East Africa – beyond the point of simply “making people aware” of the issue. But how do we do that? How do we move into action? And how can other people who may not be personally connected ...

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  • More Than a Mentor

    Written by Clark Blakeman When Reverend Fabian of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda accepted the challenge to become the first mentor in the Stand With Students: Higher Education Program, he didn’t realize the rewards would be so... mutual. He can’t help but chuckle as he talks about his relationship with Sekwat. After knowing Sekwat for years as a church member, the mentoring process fostered a much deeper connection. He says, “What was meant to be a ...

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  • 26Together Kitchen Project – New Video

    Our dear friend Sarah Night is a social worker at Amazing Grace Children's Home (and a former resident of the home). She explains about the need and the dreams of our Kitchen Project at Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace Kitchen Project - #26Together from Lahash International on Vimeo. There are a lot of great events happening around the world. Go visit to create your own team and get involved. ...

  • Introducing 26Together – Help build a kitchen for the Amazing Grace kids

    This last Monday 26 of our Lahash team members in Portland crammed into our office kitchen to make the video below. 26Together - Lahash Kitchen! from Lahash International on Vimeo. We’ve had a request from the Amazing Grace Children’s home in northern Uganda to help build a new kitchen for the 26 kids and staff that live there. And we want to answer that request! Right now the kids and the ...

  • 26Together: Movin’ Right Along

    Does anyone remember The Muppet Movie from a while back? The one where Kermit dreams of going to Hollywood and making it big on the silver screen?  Along the way Kermit picks up other Muppets with the same dream and they form a band of friends who eventually make it there and accomplish what they set out to do.  In the end they have a motivating story to tell.

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  • Teach Us To Pray

    Article written by Dan Holcomb, Executive Director of Lahash International It is still dark when the twelve orphaned kids at Mama Susan Tabia’s home in Kampala, Uganda, wake up to start the day. The two oldest boys, Noel and Wani, help the younger children get ready as well as preparing themselves for another day of study in secondary school. Noel dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer one day. “It’s important to the people of ...

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  • Africa, There And Back Again

    Written by Judith Devillers, Lahash Finance Director Like a Hobbit, I am not made for adventure. I had many reasons for not going to Africa with the Lahash team — I’m too old, I’m not a good traveler (in fact I dislike any kind of traveling), and then perhaps more importantly the question, why go? I had no mission to accomplish, and nothing I felt I could contribute to those we were visiting. I asked God, “What do you ...

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  • Shop & Share: A New Way to Give to Lahash

    Did you know there is a new way to support Lahash? When you make purchases using your Fred Meyer Rewards Card (if you live in the Pacific Northwest) or through AmazonSmile (for those living anywhere in the world), they will make a donation to Lahash! We’ve already had five families participate with their Fred Meyer Rewards Card and just received a donation of $31.24 this month! We’ve also received $10 from AmazonSmile. Every ...

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