• Clark and Cathy Blakeman Join Lahash Staff

    Clark and Cathy Blakeman have joined Lahash International as staff members.  “Clark and Cathy have been involved with Lahash since before we were an official organization,” said Dan Holcomb, Lahash’s Director. “We are thrilled to have them join our team this year! Cathy personally adds deep compassion toward the high-school kids that we serve and an attentiveness to detail and organization, and Clark adds a thoughtful and experienced background in discipleship and Christian community development ...

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  • New Video – “A Father To The Fatherless”

    What does God require of you? We just uploaded our newest video - featuring the beautiful faces of our partners, the kids we serve, child sponsors, and Servant Team members. Be challenged. Be encouraged. Be inspired with us to enter a new year of following in the steps of Christ and loving the vulnerable. A Father To The Fatherless from Lahash International on Vimeo. "A father to the fatherless, a defender ...

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  • Following the Crisis in South Sudan

    Amidst the celebration of Christmas and New Years, stories of violence and conflict in the world's newest nation, South Sudan, was also a part of the holiday news stream. Fighting broke out after South Sudan President Salva Kiir and his deputy, Riek Machar, split ways, and Kiir accused Machar of staging a coup. Machar in turn accused the president of conducting a violent purge. According to the BBC, "Thousands of people are feared to have been ...

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  • Give a Gift – Change a Life

    Does the Lahash Christmas program have any impact in East Africa? You bet! Check out our new video below. Sharing Gifts & Changing Lives from Lahash International. We need your voice to help us get the word out! Would you share a couple seconds with us today? Head over to to like, share, and comment on our Christmas photo. Copy the Christmas graphic below and share it with your family and ...

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  • “Honored Guests” – Ginny’s Home Stay Experience

    Written by Ginny Whitney I recently visited Path of Hope, one of Lahash's partners in Tanzania. During my time there I had the opportunity to do a home stay with some of the kids in the Lahash sponsorship program in the rural village of Mwamalili. My home stay in the Mwamalili community was such an incredible experience that I find it hard to put it into words. I have to admit though, when the Lahash ...

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  • Video Update – Lahash 2013 Trip

    Greetings from East Africa! I just put a quick video together to share some highlights from our team's trip so far. Here are a few clips from the past three weeks. So far we have visited Amazing Grace, Kampala House, and Savior's Home in Uganda, and Path of Hope in Tanzania. We are now at our last stop at Grace & Healing Ministry in Dodoma, Tanzania. We can't wait to see what God has in store ...

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  • An Inside Look At The Lahash Staff Travelers

    Written by Leisha Otieno As a part of the Lahash staff based in East Africa, I don't get to spend much time with my coworkers based in the Portland office, but in a moment like now, surrounded by the staff members of Lahash Portland, we really feel like the Lahash International community.  Just like me, many of you don't get the opportunity to regularly see the Lahash team in action, so here is a peek at ...

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  • Best Part of the Job

    The reason I (Katie) wanted to become the Lahash Sponsorship Director is because I love kids. So being here in East Africa and spending time with the kids is by far my favorite part of the job. At Amazing Grace Children's Home in northern Uganda we spent the majority of our time creating friendship bracelets, which the kids chose at this location to give to their sponsors for Christmas. It was energizing to see their ...

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  • Answered Prayers at Amazing Grace

    Katie Nelson arrives at Amazing Grace Children's Home It's another warm day in Adjumani, Uganda. The ground is still wet from a tremendous downpour last night complete with a noisy lightning and thunder show! The Lahash team is currently on a month-long trip across East Africa visiting all partnerships - collecting stories and spending beautiful moments with the kids and staff.

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  • Travel Update – We’ve Arrived!

    The Lahash team has safely arrived in Uganda. Thanks for your prayers over our journey here! Our first few days were spent in Kampala getting over jet lag and visiting the students in the higher education program. We met up with Sarah and Golda, two young women who have finished the Lahash sponsorship program and are now continuing their education at Uganda Christian University. Along with touring their campuses, Will and I (Casey) were able ...

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