• Highlights from CONNECT – Our Northwest Sponsorship Event

    At Lahash, we are deeply grateful to be a part of a community of sponsors that value relationship with the children they sponsor. On April 25th, over 60 people gathered at CONNECT, our sponsorship event in Portland, to connect more deeply with the children in the sponsorship program. Sponsors created 37 beautiful letters that day full of love and encouragement to the kids they sponsor.

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  • Lahash Travelers: Rwanda Update

    From Kigali, Rwanda by Josh Petersen: Our team arrived safely in Kigali on Monday the 18th, and we have been enjoying our time here. Our new friends at ERM have been wonderful hosts. George Rwuambari is the Africa Coordinator for ERM and has been able to show us around Kigali and give us a good picture of ERM's local ministry. The organization has been around for several years doing child sponsorship, care of widows from the genocide, and ...

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  • Meet Philemon

    Philemon, a six-year-old boy in Tanzania, has dreams of becoming a doctor someday. He is known for being very persistent and asking many questions. He has two brothers and two sisters, and often helps his mother care for the youngest sister. Unlike many vulnerable children in the area, Philemon lives with both his parents. However, they are both limited by mental disability. His family’s home is ...

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  • Remembering Omary

    Yesterday we received sad news from our partners at Path of Hope in Tanzania. Omary, a boy in our sponsorship program became seriously ill at the end April. He soon underwent surgery for stomach and intestinal issues, and since then his condition remained unstable. The staff at Path of Hope was closely involved offering prayer, emotional support, and help with medical ...

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  • Spring Lahash Team heading to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, & Tanzania

    On May 17th Josh Petersen and Dan Holcomb will be traveling to East Africa to meet up with Leisha Otieno for visits to several locations across the region. Lahash is excited to announce developing friendships with two new East African ministries! ERM is located in Rwanda and serves vulnerable children and widows and trains young adults ...

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  • Meet Anna

    Anna is three years old, an only child whose parents are divorced due to issues with alcohol abuse. Like most three-year-olds, she likes to play with her little friends and sing. She attends Sunday school, and if she is sponsored soon, she will have a chance to attend preschool and primary school on schedule for her age! She lives in Tanzania. Update: Anna now has a ...

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  • The Story of Lahash – An Interview with Dan Holcomb

    Last week I had a chance to interview with Paul Van Sickle from KKPZ The Truth (A Portland, Oregon radio station). We had a nice chat about the work that God is doing in East Africa and how our team at Lahash has been able to be ...

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  • The New Rice & Beans Month Devotional Book Is Here!

    Lahash International would love to share A Common Meal with you! This book represents the heart of our annual Rice & Beans Month event. It contains daily devotions to help adults and kids engage spiritually. It lays out all the practical aspects of participation, including lots of recipes and tips. It holds beautiful stories of how lives have been changed over first five years of Rice & Beans Month. Whether you are new to the idea ...

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  • New Video – Blessed

    We are excited to share our new video for 2015 titled "Blessed". This video is of the Lahash team and our partners speaking from the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 5 verses 1-16).   Blessed from Lahash International on Vimeo.  

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  • Reviving Christmas

    Article by Jen Johnson It’s rarely possible for donors or sponsors to witness the children’s eyes lighting up as they receive their Christmas gifts. These stories will let you peek in on those magical moments at two of our partnerships in Tanzania. Each specially chosen gift not only makes a huge difference in a child’s daily life, but serves as an important reminder that they are “specially chosen” too. [caption id="attachment_5009" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="A child at Path ...

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