Our vision is to assist South Sudanese partners in constructing family-style homes for vulnerable refugee orphans. Creating a safe, loving, and Godly environment, the homes will provide these kids with the opportunity to become healthy, self-sufficient, and visionary leaders in their communities.


The region of Northern Uganda and South Sudan is one of the most impoverished and battered regions on earth. Multiple wars, disease, malnutrition, hopelessness, corruption, displacement, and illiteracy are all these dear people know in life. These catastrophic tragedies and pressures have resulted in breakdowns in government, communities, and families. As a result there are thousands of vulnerable orphaned children with absolutely no one caring for them.

In the midst of this chaotic and war-torn region, Godly Sudanese men and women have followed God’s call in bringing good news and compassionate care to the vulnerable kids in their midst. Lahash works exclusively in partnership with the bold vision of local East African Christians in the region.

In Adjumani, Uganda, our partners created a home for 30 Sudanese boys and girls that lost parents and have no extended family to rely on. This past year the current landlord ordered the current location evacuated for his personal use. Together with our Sudanese partners we’ve purchased four acres that will be the ground for these new homes and will also provide gardens for nutritional support and some limited livestock rearing.

  • The homes will be constructed with local labor and materials using the latest building codes of the region.
  • Each home will care for 8 orphan children.
  • Homes will also contain rooms for the house parents and their biological children.
  • Each home will contain indoor showers, toilets, and a large living room where children can play, have family meetings, focus on schoolwork, and where guests can be entertained.
  • The building will also have a porch to allow kids to be outside but still protected from rains during the day.
  • Solar panels will be mounted on the roof of the homes to give light in the evenings for school work and parental duties.


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