Welcome to Lahash’s 2017 Christmas Giving Guide


This Christmas you can give a life-changing gift that will offer health and hope to children across East Africa. Each gift shown below has the potential not only to greatly impact the needs of a vulnerable child, but to remind them that they are loved and cared for by their Savior. Thank you for giving to these special kids as you celebrate the birth of Christ!

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If you are currently a child sponsor with Lahash, please click the “Unique Gifts for Unique Kids” banner below to give a gift directly to your sponsored child.

Ten Meals For A Child


If you’re hungry, you struggle to focus at school. You get sick easily and rest poorly. One meal a day is not enough for a growing child, but for many it is all they have. Because of droughts, failed crops, or simply the effects of poverty, vulnerable children lack adequate food. Lahash provides supplemental meals as part of a comprehensive vision for increasing food security. This gift helps children learn, grow, and stay healthy.



Sponsor A Child


Give a gift that far outlasts the Christmas season. Sponsorship is a gift of hope to a child who feels forgotten. The newest children to the Lahash family are still waiting to be connected to sponsors! Your monthly commitment helps provide holistic care that includes nutritional support, education fees, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. This gift offers a vulnerable child long-term support and the potential to thrive.


$30 / MONTH

Uniform & Shoes For School


Shoes and clothes are impossibly expensive for vulnerable families. They are required items for school, so the lack of them is a barrier to education. For kids who rarely receive anything brand-new, shoes and school uniforms are exciting to receive. They symbolize access to education with all its promises. The shoes also contribute to health, as bare feet are prone to parasites, injury, and infection. This gift keeps kids on track for educational success.



Bike or Motorcycle


Most of our partners work in areas where owning a car is not affordable or practical. Paying for public or private transport is an option at times, but is not a daily solution. Bicycles and motorcycles greatly improve the efficiency of daily travel, which may mean that a child has more time to study and rest, or that a life is saved in an emergency situation. This gift increases the safety, efficiency, and productivity of daily life.


$150  //  $1800

Bicycle  //  Motorcycle

Bed & Mattress For A Child


One of the saddest things that our partners see often in the homes they visit is that the children are “sleeping down.” Sleeping mats made of cardboard, burlap, or plant stalks are often shared by multiple children, leading to fitful nights, bug bites, and sore bodies. Kids whose health is already fragile get sick even easier sleeping in these conditions. We have seen many faces light up with joy at receiving the gift of comfortable sleep. This gift improves children’s health through restorative rest.



School Supplies For A University Student


Our Lahash higher education students have outgrown the Sponsorship Program and are taking their first steps as young adults. Through the Lahash Stand With Students program, they receive mentorship and life skills training, along with tuition assistance and scholarships. But it takes a bit more than that to get established as a scholar, and they don’t have families who are able to help. They need books, calculators, laptop computers, and various dorm/household items for everyday use. This gift helps to launch a promising young scholar into an exciting new phase of life.



Bible Camp For 40 Kids


Last year, thanks to your generosity, a total of 200 kids from each of our five partner locations were able to experience Bible Camps that included teaching, games, counseling, worship, and prayer. They ate hearty, well-balanced meals and simply got to be kids. Many children grew in their faith, and 47 made the choice to follow Jesus! You can give the gift of the gospel by donating a portion of the cost, or by pooling resources with your church, family, or school to provide an entire camp. This gift creates an opportunity for kids to deepen (or begin!) their relationship with Jesus.



(or $100 share of Bible Camp)

Thank you for giving these gifts to children who need them!

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