Hope Is Alive


Believe us, we’re delighted to be making your acquaintance here on the website and hope you’re getting a taste for what Lahash is all about. But there are many ways to tell a story, and we want to do more. We’d like to share with you in a way that sees you not as an individual in front of a computer screen, but as part of a living community.

Through Hope Is Alive magazine, you can be involved in more extended conversations about how we’re being challenged and the kids we’re laughing with and praying for. Whether we’re in the middle of a month of eating rice and beans or have some fantastic photography for you to see, we want to send you an item that you can hold in your hands, read in real time, and then share with a neighbor.

To sign up, fill in the fields below. Then step back from your computer for a while and take a stroll outside.