Jinsy Oommen

My husband Sajan and I (we’ve been married 17 years) and our two girls Elaina(13) and Sophia(9) and our pet cockatiel Pluto(1.5) live in Damascus OR. We are active members of the Transforming Life Church (https://www.transforminglifepdx.com/). We love spending time together as a family doing road trips. We are foodies and will never pass up an opportunity to try making food from different cuisines from scratch. My day job is working as a Software Engineering Manager for an Energy Efficiency consultancy company. Writing code, and learning how to communicate well. I grew up in India and moved to the US when I was 21. My dad was a bible college teacher and along with my mom helped administer the bible college and a home for vulnerable children.I have been part of the Lahash board for almost 2 years now and I see my calling as helping where I can. I believe in Lahash’s mission of being a partnership and meeting folks where they are at and helping them holistically.

2019-04-27 Jinsy