Nipe Tumaini


When God called Benson Mungai and his wife Eunice to begin preparing a home for orphaned and vulnerable children, Benson didn’t start by looking for kids in need. First, he planted a garden.


Today that garden has grow into a farm that spreads out for acres in front of Nipe Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Benson’s vision was not only to create a safe home where children would receive love and holistic care. He wanted Nipe Tumaini to be a sustainable children’s home. “We believe sustainability is the way to go, for any project or organization to succeed,” he explains.


At Nipe Tumaini, the children live in a family-style setting where meals, work, and space are all shared communally. In addition to their studies, the children each have home responsibilities. They assist with cleaning and cooking, wash clothes and shoes, and help out on the farm. Many of the children have come from backgrounds of abandonment and abuse, so a stable and loving home environment is a critical part of restoring their hopes and re-imagining their futures.


Children in the Sponsorship Program are cared for holistically, meaning that physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, and environmental factors are all considered in providing care for each child. The kids are all given the opportunity to attend a local school, and Lahash engages in ongoing training and development efforts with the East African staff to creatively and compassionately improve the children’s lives.

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Learn more about sponsorship and meet other kids who are waiting to be sponsored.


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