Meet Our African Partners

Partnering With African Leaders

The obstacles faced by many children in East Africa are hard to imagine. We participate in their lives through advocacy, support, and prayer, but the hands-on work within the children’s daily lives is not done by us. The local East African staff at each of our partner locations live sacrificially in order to provide holistic care for these kids. Although the Lahash Child Sponsorship Program is active in each location, our approach to partnership is not one-size-fits-all. Every location has its own specific mission, which means our partnership with each of these ministries is unique as well.



Founded by a local pastor who survived the genocide, our Rwandan ministry partners have always been focused on bringing hope and healing through restored relationships. Since 1996 they have been serving orphans in the country’s capital city of Kigali. Now through partnership with Lahash, the ministry is expanding into the rural outskirts of the city where a new generation of vulnerable children are struggling against poverty, disease, and lack of education. Through the local church they are reaching out to change these young lives with the love and good news of Jesus.

Kampala House in Uganda

Uganda has become home to many South Sudanese refugees who fled during Sudan’s seemingly endless cycles of civil war and political instability. Kampala House exists to provide safe refuge for children whose lives have been marked by indescribable losses. For many of them, the ministry has offered the only stable living situation they have ever known.

Meet Our African Partners - Amazing Grace & Kampala House
Meet Our African Partners - GHMD

Grace & Healing Ministry in Tanzania

In Dodoma, Tanzania, a group of women at a local church were moved by the plight of those in their community suffering with HIV/AIDS, so they met, prayed, and then founded a ministry. Lahash is honored to partner with the passionate and creative staff of Grace & Healing Ministry as they make a positive difference in so many lives. Children once at high risk of death now attend school, receive health care and regular home visits, and fill the halls of a local church with laughter on program days.

Nipe Tumaini in Kenya

Nipe Tumaini means “give me hope” in Swahili, and that is exactly what this family-style home is doing. With a focus on sustainability and holistic care, the home is situated on a 10-acre plot of land in Kenya’s Rift Valley, with a wide variety of crops being farmed. Now these precious children who had been abandoned and abused are being lovingly cared for by wonderful house parents, and are nourished in both body and soul.

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Meet Our African Partners - POH

Path Of Hope in Tanzania

The rural region of Shinyanga, in northern Tanzania, is known for extreme poverty, food shortages, and lack of access to education. Path Of Hope is a church-based ministry serving children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. Many of the children here have never heard the gospel and have never been to school. Lahash and Path Of Hope are working hard to change that, one family at a time.