Path of Hope


Path of Hope is a church-based ministry serving children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty in the Shinyanga Region of northern Tanzania. Over 90% of the population lives in rural areas, working hard to raise enough food and livestock to survive. The dry season lasts six months of the year, and frequent droughts extend it even longer and put additional pressure on families. The region’s education system is severely under-developed due to poverty, lack of resources, and the traditions of local people, who only consider sending children to school when younger siblings are old enough to care for the livestock. In the local towns, HIV/AIDS has fractured families and left many children to live with grandparents or relatives who are unable to provide enough support for food, clothing, and education.


Path of Hope is working with churches in the rural villages as well as the towns to serve kids throughout the region by supporting them in their home environments. Staff and volunteers visit the children in their homes throughout the week to encourage the families, pray with them, and assess their needs. Saturday mornings find the Path of Hope church sites teeming with children, ready for “program day” which includes discipleship, worship, activities, and a meal.


Children in the Sponsorship Program are cared for holistically, meaning that physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, and environmental factors are all considered in providing care for each child. The kids are all given the opportunity to attend a local school, and Lahash engages in ongoing training and development efforts with the East African staff to creatively and compassionately improve the children’s lives.


Learn more about sponsorship and meet other kids who are waiting to be sponsored.


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