Rwandan Ministry


Our church and ministry partners in Rwanda have been serving orphans since 1996.


Through partnership with Lahash, the ministry is expanding into the rural outskirts of the city of Kigali where a new generation of vulnerable children are struggling against poverty, disease, and lack of education. Our partners work directly with the community in the area to identify the children most in need of sponsorship and assistance. Through regular visits to their homes, program staff and volunteers offer support and counsel to each child, as well as making sure that medical and educational needs are being met. Each Saturday all the sponsored children gather together at the ministry center for worship, Biblical teaching, activities, and a meal.


Children in the Sponsorship Program are cared for holistically, meaning that physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, and environmental factors are all considered in providing care for each child. The kids are all given the opportunity to attend a local school, and Lahash engages in ongoing training and development efforts with the East African staff to creatively and compassionately improve the children’s lives.



Learn more about sponsorship and meet other kids who are waiting to be sponsored.


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