Samson Makau / Child Welfare Manager

Samson Makau Musumbi has a big heart for the most vulnerable in society and is passionate about working with children. He enjoys meeting new people and is a good listener. He grew up in the Africa Inland Church, where both his parents have ministered since the 1970s. Before joining the Lahash staff, he worked as a teacher at a refugee camp in northeastern Kenya. His work was cut short when their camp was attacked by terrorists. He managed to escape but lost a close colleague.


As Child Welfare Manager for Lahash, Samson will attend to the needs of children served by the Sponsorship Program, will serve the staff at each partnership, and will help keep them accountable through monitoring and evaluation. He embraces the opportunity to travel to all the partnerships while still maintaining a home base near Edwin Angote’s family and the Lahash East Africa office in central Kenya.