Developing Diverse Leaders For Local & Global Mission

God is calling young people from all walks of life into the work of missions and social justice. Servant Teams is preparing them to answer that call. Spend a year serving with an ethnically and socially diverse group of team members committed to sharing God’s love both locally and globally.


This gap year experience combines in-depth training in holistic mission with humble service among the most vulnerable. During the first 4 months, team members join together in Portland, Oregon.  They engage locally in academic and experience-based training in missional theology and community development. During the following 6 months, teams are sent out globally to serve in hands-on ministry among the poor.

Application Deadline is July 31, 2018

I highly recommend Servant Teams to others, because it's a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and understand what he meant when he said, 'Go out into the nations and make disciples.'

- Ohilda Difo, Servant Teams Member

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As part of a year-long Servant Team you will grow as a missional leader through hands-on ministry, academic study, and cross-cultural experiences—all guided by seasoned Christian leaders and community development practitioners.


Along the way you will laugh, cry, sweat, learn, and become a more alive follower of Jesus. You will hear tragic stories and encounter complex questions. You will experience the beauty of different cultures and various expressions of Christian faith. And through it all, you will see God working redemption and hope in your own life and in the lives of those you serve.


Learn more at the Servant Teams Facebook Page, or contact Servant Teams Coordinator Mandee Campos at


4 Months of Training & Local Internship (September–December)

This phase takes place in Portland, Oregon, and includes both academic and experience-based training. Facilitated by a diverse group of experienced leaders, this in-depth learning process includes reading, reflection, and group discussion along with field trips and missional engagement with local ministries. In preparation for your overseas service, you will also intern with Lahash at our Portland office.



6 Months of International Field Service (January–June)

During this phase, you and your Servant Team are sent out to engage in hands-on ministry among the poor in East Africa. Working alongside Lahash’s partner ministries in Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda, your team will continue learning from and serving alongside the vulnerable.


Financial Details

To make this experience available for people from under-resourced communities, the cost is underwritten according to each applicant’s particular situation. Participants will also engage in a communal process of raising monthly donations from their combined connections with family, churches, and friends. The cost for each participant is $1,200 per month to cover their housing, meals, training, travel, and overseas expenses.