In 2002, a visit to Amazing Grace Children’s Home in Uganda brought Dan Holcomb face-to-face with some of that country’s most vulnerable children. Tattered clothing covered bellies distended from malnutrition and worms. Many of these Sudanese kids had lost parents to disease or to the war that had ravaged their country, making them refugees.

That day, the staff petitioned Dan, “Will you be our mouthpiece? Will you tell the world of our situation?”

Dan returned home and began sharing with friends, creating websites and coordinating teams of volunteer travelers. Within a couple of years, Lahash International was created, and now partners with ministries across East Africa to bring good news and holistic care to those in need.

Dan read the word “Lahash” just as the seed of this new ministry was being planted.

“In the Hebrew scriptures it is used once in Isaiah 26:16,” said Dan. “I really enjoyed the sound of the word, but loved the meaning, ‘whispered prayer,’ even more.”