Will Campbell / Photographer & Designer

Will first travelled to East Africa with Lahash in 2010, then stayed on as a volunteer for the Media Team. In 2012, he became the pilot member of the Servant Teams program, spending that year volunteering at each Lahash partnership. His photography skills were put to heavy use documenting the people and work at each location, as well as taking portrait shots of all the children in the Sponsorship Program. When he returned in December of 2012, he joined the staff, doing photography and graphic design for the Media Team. Will and his wife, Bethany, welcomed their first child in 2017. They live in Portland but can often be found adventuring in other locations.


Check out more of Will’s photography work online:

Tumblr: storiesfromafrica.tumblr.com

Website: willcampbellphoto.com

Instagram: instagram.com/willcampbelliii

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