Rice & Beans Month


Food. We crave its comforts, plan elaborate meals around tasty ingredients, and seek out the latest restaurants. But we wanted to know – can simplifying what’s on our tables directly affect the lives of our friends in East Africa? During the month of March, join us to find out.

Each March, the Lahash community commits to a month of simple meals. As we strip away what’s unnecessary in what we eat, we’re mindful every meal of those we serve. Sign up here for more information about Rice & Beans Month, or visit www.eatriceandbeans.com.



Simplicity – During this month, we focus on eliminating excess. Rice and beans are a complete nutritional source, and adding fruits and vegetables provides a healthy diet during the month.

Solidarity – Ever wonder what your sponsored child eats for a typical meal or what daily life is like for many around the world? Get a taste during Rice & Beans Month. And know that they, too, participate and pray for you throughout those weeks.

Sharing – We keep track of money saved by eating simple meals, and those funds are sent directly to purchase essential food supplies for our East Africa partners.