Writing the Book on Faith

Lahash traveler Lyla Peterson did not expect that she was going to write a book. “I mostly jotted things down just so I could remember things to tell my grandchildren,” she said with a laugh. Little did she know that what memories she did jot down would form the story of a magnificent woman of God, Mama Susan Tabia.

Lyla has visited East Africa on several different occasions, and has been able to spend time with Mama Susan in person as well as correspond with her via email. Lyla was so moved by Mama Susan’s dedication to the Lord in spite of all the fear and suffering, and how she has devoted her life to the vulnerable children in East Africa, as well as the widows of war and poverty in the area.

“To see Mama Susan be resilient in times of fear, and a leader in times of chaos really has shown me how to fully trust in the Lord wherever He leads,” says Lyla. “I had never known fear like I did when I was in East Africa and the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) surrounded us. To live with that much fear and uncertainty, and to pick up and continue in the Lord’s work the next day is an astonishing witness.”

“Whispered Prayer: The Story of Mama Susan and her Orphans” will be published soon, and can be purchased through at  WhisperedPrayer.com. All proceeds will go to IWASSRU and Mama Susan’s projects.