Help us ship 800 of Susan Tabia’s books to Sudan

Terrorized by the LRA in Sudan

In 2008, the children and staff of our Sudanese partners were within ten kilometers of a vicious attack by the LRA rebel group. Forty adults and children were abducted by the merciless armed bandits. Lahash had three representatives in the area at the time and all three came face to face with the terrors of the region.

One of the Lahash representatives was retired nurse Lyla Peterson who was sharing medical supplies with the orphans of Southern Sudan. She was terrified during the trip and was uncertain if she’d ever return.

Book prompts healing

Recently she’s experienced healing and God’s peace through the process of compiling the story of that trip and the inspiring life story of our partner Mama Susan Tabia. Those stories are now available in the new book Whispered Prayer: Mama Susan and the Orphans of Sudan.

The book is available to purchase online – and all the author’s royalties are being donated to the work of Mama Susan Tabia. Please visit to buy your own copy.

Traveling back to Sudan

This October and November, Lyla Peterson is facing her fears once more and returning to love and serve our brothers and sisters living in Uganda and Sudan.

She’ll be traveling with Dan Holcomb and Edwin Angote to be with the orphans at three Children’s Homes located in central and northern Uganda and in South Sudan.

An Amazing Opportunity

Mama Susan Tabia is looking forward to the visit and is planning on holding several book release gatherings to spread awareness in the region of the ministry. She’s requested 800 copies of the books and 20 printed t-shirts for an event in the capital city of Juba! We love this idea and invite you to help make these events happen. There are several reasons why this project is incredible.

  1. Good News – this book is crystal clear about the deep faith of Susan Tabia in Jesus Christ and her spiritual motivation behind the ministry. It will be a rich encouragement to thousands of readers.
  2. Local Awareness – we at Lahash love being an international response to the needs of the kids of Sudan. But we operate entirely within partnership with East African ministries and the compassionate responses of their own communities. This event will spread the awareness of a Sudanese woman of faith across the entire nation of South Sudan.
  3. Changed Lives – we envision thousands of South Sudanese being inspired by the faith and love of our partner. We desire that all readers will be inspired to action in caring for those that are vulnerable as a fundamental component of their faith. This inspiration will then result in thousands of sick, orphaned, and abandoned children being cared for with dignity, love, and compassion across the region!

Join us in this exciting project!

  1. Donate to the “Susan Tabia Book Project“. We need $4,500 to purchase the books, transport them, and hold the events.
  2. Buy one of the books to read – or several for your family and friends!
  3. Pray for us and track our travels on the Lahash blog during late October