Q & A With Lyla Peterson

Lyla Peterson is getting ready to return to East Africa next week as a fellow traveler with Dan Holcomb and Lahash. I was able to chat with her about her trip, which is coming on the heels of the publication of her book Whispered Prayer: Mama Susan Tabia and the Orphans of Sudan.

Q: How is the book being delivered and “advertised” in East Africa?
Lyla: Dan and I will take 800 copies in six trunks, and then have gatherings/events at various locations, such as orphanages. After that, Mama Susan and the children will travel around the area and plan events in many places, hopefully including Juba, the new capital of South Sudan.

Q: Who do you hope reads it?
Lyla: There is a flood of interest from all over the world about the new nation of South Sudan, and many leaders and people want to know more about black heroes like Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and Barack Obama. I hope these people will also learn about Mama Susan and her incredible and brave contributions to the children of East Africa. Having Oprah read and endorse it would be just great as well!

Q: Are your expectations of East Africa different now that the book is out?
Lyla: Not really. People are giving me some great feedback. I think they see the situation of the children a little more clearly and I hope they will also recognize and assist Mama Susan and her work.

To find out more about Whispered Prayer: Mama Susan Tabia and the Orphans of Sudan, visit the web site. Lyla, Dan, and the rest of the travelers will head to East Africa this upcoming Wednesday, October 26, for about three weeks. Feel free to drop Lyla an email of prayer and support!