Travel Team Spends Time with Kampala Kids

Fall Travel Update 2 – From Amazing Grace Orphanage, Uganda

It’s a quiet and peaceful evening here in northern Uganda. I’m typing by kerosene lamp with a couple of mosquitos nibbling on my toes.

I have a lot of great stories to share, but I’ll start this post with our first experiences in Kampala, Uganda.

Lyla and Edwin and I spent the first bit of time in the capital city of Uganda. We stayed at Mama Susan Tabia’s home and spent time with the kids, then prepared to head north for our work in Sudan and at Amazing Grace Orphanage.

One of the evenings we had the privilege of sharing a bunch of gifts with the kids at the Kampala home. Cecilia Caryl and her friend Linda had sewed a variety ofdresses – and each of the girls got a brand new beautiful dress!

The Kampala girls pose after trying on their new dresses from Cecilia Caryl

Judith Devilliers had put together a quilt for Mama Susan, and I got to present that to her.

Dan Holcomb gives Mama Susan Tabia a quilt from Judith Devilliers

We had a great time at Susan’s home and even got to spend a bit of time with two of the little babies who had been brought from the Sudan Babies Home for medical treatment in the Kampala area.

One of the girls who has been receiving treatment for TB and typhoid

The highlight of the time at Susan’s was presenting the new book written by Lyla to Susan! We had a little party with the kids at the home, and Lyla got to share some of the reasons and process behind the creation of the book. We also had some cake to celebrate.

Lyla Peterson shares Whispered Prayer with Mama Susan Tabia

Finally, our team headed up to Sudan. On the way, we encountered massive delays due to flooding and muddy roads. But at last we were able to make it up to the north part of the country.

The road from Gulu was blocked due to flooding

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and partnership so far!