Travel Team observes the dynamic Tanzanian outreach

Fall Travel Update 4 – Dodoma, Tanzania

Our team finished up our fall travels with a visit to our partners in Tanzania. It’s amazing to see the work that God is doing among the people of this church and through the partnership of all of you around the world. Our partners in Tanzania care for 97 children, of which approximately 20 are still in need of sponsorship through Lahash. If you’d like to sponsor one of these kids at $25 per month, send an email to

Lahash staff and partners serve lunch to vulnerable kids

One of our first days in Tanzania was spent serving lunch to a group of special kids at the church. These beautiful boys and girls are all HIV positive and require significant nutritional support just to live. Their families are so fractured and poor that many face death without the extra meals. We were devastated to learn that a girl named Angelina that had just entered the Lahash program died this week. She was HIV positive and was just about to receive a sponsorship. But she got sick and within a couple hours had passed away.

A dear child is brought to our partner Esther for assistance

While we were at the church a new child (which was to take Angelina’s spot) came and was welcomed by Esther. This child was unbelievably malnourished. We were reminded of the high stakes of this work and the importance of staying the course.

The kids are eating food because of the generous gifts of people through Rice & Beans month and also through a Christmas gift from Portland Mennonite Church.

Lahash kids pose with Dan Holcomb after trash collection

The kids are learning about environmental care of their community and of the God that made and sustains this planet. The task on Friday was to go out into the community to pick up trash. I got to reunite with old friends like Gabu, Eliya, and Pendo Erasto to gather refuse and bring it back to the church to be properly disposed of. It was super hot but great fun!

Lahash sponsored kids learn about environmental care through trash cleanup

One of the highlights of this visit was seeing Eliya again. He looks amazingly healthy and greeted me warmly. I had spent a night at his home back in 2009 and got to know his family and the challenges they face. During the kids’ program at the church Eliya showed off some impressive new breakdancing moves that he’s been working on! It’s such an honor to spend life making sure kids like Eliya have a bright hope and a warm community that holistically cares about their future.

Dan Holcomb receives greetings and a card from Eliya

The kids here send greetings to all the sponsors! Thanks to each of you for your partnership in our work.

Lahash sponsored kids send their greetings