How will you mark World AIDS day?

Eliya at home in Dodoma, Tanzania

The mud home was nearly empty of possessions. A wooden bed was adorned with an ancient brown mattress. A couple years ago I found myself in a Tanzanian slum visiting the family of a courageous young boy named Eliya.

Eliya likes soccer and enjoys going to school. A massive smile regularly breaks across his face. He enjoys hanging out with his sister and cousins. Recently he’s begun to learn some sweet breakdancing moves.

But you need to know something else about Eliya.

Eliya has AIDS.

If you haven’t had a chance to view the short video we made of my trip to Eliya’s home, you should take the couple minutes to watch that clip.

For many of us here at Lahash, we think of Eliya when we hear the words “HIV” or “AIDS”. His life embodies the tragedy, vulnerability, courage, and hope that have come to be associated with this devastating global disease.

On December 1st the world will mark thirty years since AIDS was first recognized.

How will you mark World AIDS day?

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Post the Eilya video on your blog or Facebook page and share your thoughts and hopes for Eliya and those that suffer from HIV/AIDS.
  2. Choose to care for a child in our sponsorship program by committing $25 a month for his or her care.

Let’s continue the fight against AIDS and let friends like Eliya know that they are not forgotten.

Dan and Eliya pose at the Mennonite Church in Dodoma, Tanzania in November, 2011