13 Days and Counting

On January 30, Will Campbell will board a plane and head to East Africa for a year, where he’ll spend time with Lahash partners and use his photography skill to connect with kids in the sponsorship program and document their stories.

What would you need to cross off your list if you were leaving your home for a year? Will plans to spend these final weeks seeing movies in theaters, visiting Portland restaurants he’s been wanting to try out, and spending as much time as possible hanging out with friends.

As the first traveler in the new Lahash Servant Teams program, the training process has been influential for Will. Books as When Helping Hurts and Divine Conspiracy have been especially inspiring. “I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about fully embracing my time when I’m there,” Will says. “I want to actually be there, and not focus on being back home around familiarity.”

Will’s first two months will be spent visiting partners in Uganda and South Sudan. In March he’ll fly to Dodoma, Tanzania where he’ll spend the next few months. You can visit Will’s photo gallery here.