Rice & Beans Month coming up…

Every year our community joins together in a unique event called Rice & Beans Month. This month focuses on the following three ideas:

  1. Solidarity – standing with brothers and sisters in East Africa with limited resources and inadequate nutrition
  2. Simplicity – simplifying our diets and forgoing wasteful consumption
  3. Sharing – giving away the savings from a month of simple meals to kids and families who need nutritional support in East Africa

Our team is about to make available our brand new devotional companion book for the month and a brand new website. The book is called A Common Meal: Reflections and Recipes for Rice & Beans Month. For now, you can head over to our facebook page to “friend” the month and you can sign up for our Rice & Beans email list.

We’ll share some cool updates about the month in the upcoming days.

For those in the Portland area – mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 21st. We’ll be hosting a book release party and a potluck rice and beans feast for participants in the city of Portland.