Ten travelers serving at our partnerships this Spring

Jim And Dave head out from Portland on Valentine's Day

It’s a full season of travel for the Lahash team right now. Yesterday I spent a couple hours at the Portland airport saying goodbye to Jim Anderson and Dave – both heading to Dodoma, Tanzania. They’ll be serving our partners for two weeks by teaching computer hardware and software lessons, learning about the pathway of HIV drugs from the international community to those needing the drugs on the ground in East Africa, and spending time with the kids and staff at our partnership. You can follow Jim’s blog for more details.

A couple weeks ago we said goodbye to Will Campbell. Will is our first Servant Team member and is living and serving in Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania during 2012. Will is a talented photographer and uploaded his first set of images recently from Kampala.

Will Campbell is surrounded by friends at the Portland airport as he begins his year of service in East Africa

In just over one month, two more groups of travelers will be heading out from Portland. I and Casey Schilperoort will travel initially on March 19th, and then an additional group (Katie, Clark, Todd, Sarah, and Brett) will come on the 24th of March. We’ll be rendezvousing in Dodoma, Tanzania for the 3rd East Africa conference. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. To donate to any of the travelers this spring, head over to our donation page and select the traveler you’d like to share your dollars/euros/shillings with.