Lahash Servant Teams

Lahash Servant Teams are a unique opportunity to spend a year loving and serving East Africa’s most vulnerable children.  The year-long Servant Team program begins in September, as participants spend two month in training at the Lahash Portland office.  This time focuses on cultural preparation, Bible study, basic Swahili, and connection to Lahash’s mission and God’s heart for the vulnerable.

The next nine months are spent with a Lahash partnership in Tanzania, Uganda, or South Sudan. It is a time to both serve with and learn from our African partners and leaders; to share the joys, struggles, and daily life of the region’s most vulnerable children.

The final month is spent back in Portland, debriefing from the year and exploring what God has planned for you next.

As Lahash launches the new Servant Team program, our hope is that this experience will be deeply transformational, for both the travelers and the children they serve.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating on a Servant Team, let us know! Start praying about and planning for the year ahead.

Lahash is currently accepting applications for Servant Teams.  The deadline for applications is June 15,  2012. The program starts in September, 2012.

Visit the Servant Team Page for more information and to fill out an application.