A New Way To Move


Two years ago, a wonderful girl from Dodoma, Tanzania named Sophia became very ill, and as a result, awoke one day unable to move her legs. She was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome, a virus that attacks the nerves, leading to paralysis. There is no effective treatment in Tanzania, but often the paralysis can reverse over the course of months or years.

She stayed in the hospital in Dar Es Salaam for 20 months, where she was able to regain movement in her upper body, but not her legs. She was referred to Grace & Healing Ministry (GHMD), and through support from the US, GHMD was able to find Sophia a house and money for physical therapy. Although she was forced to stop schooling in grade 7 due to her illness, she is now able to enroll back in school. However, Sophia couldn’t get to the school using her wheelchair.

In June 2012, the a team of travelers from Lahash was able to donate their extra travel funds to purchase a custom-built, hand-powered tricycle, which now enables Sophia to move around more comfortably, and allow her to get to places she could not in her wheelchair. She is now part of the Lahash Sponsorship Program, and our partners at GHMD continue to be an advocate for Sophia in getting her back into school, as well as aid her in her recovery. Sophia is a wonderful testimony of healing and strength, and we continue to pray for God’s grace as she perseveres!