The Garden of Eatin’


The garden started in Lahash East Africa Director Edwin Angote’s front yard has exploded!  The garden, planned, planted, and tended with the help of some of the children in the Sponsorship program at Grace and Healing Ministry, is ready to be harvested!  (Read more about the project and see the photos of how it began here.)  Thanks to the help of Edwin’s neighbors and community, and children from GHMD, they have begun to take advantage of the many plants and vegetables that have sprung up in this beautiful garden landscape, with much of the crops going to the lunch program at GHMD.

Carrots, greens, corn, collards, and more -- as delicious as they are eye catching.

Edwin's son Jamal puts some serious work into harvesting the garden carrots.

Beauty from the garden, ready to be used by the lunch program at GHMD

The bounty of God’s grace is evident in the first harvesting on Edwin’s home garden.  Thank you to all who put backbreaking work into the garden — it will continue to bless many people in Dodoma and at Grace & Healing Ministries.  Thanks to Will Campbell for the wonderful photographs! See more of his beautiful work at his web site.