Katie Makes Some Moves

Katie and Tim on their wedding day

It’s been a busy summer for Katie Potter! Er, well, “Katie Nelson,” now. This August, Lahash Sponsorship Director Katie Potter married Lahash volunteer and Nike Runner Tim Nelson. We are so thankful that God brought them together, and wish them so much happiness on their journey together!

We are also excited to see what God has planned for both of them in their work with Lahash. Katie will be moving to a full-time position as Sponsorship Director for Lahash, where she will handle the communication between Lahash sponsors and East African children, working to match more children with caring sponsors and making sure those sponsors stay as up-to-date as possible with all our East African partners and the children they serve.

Says Katie, “I’m so excited to have the time to implement ideas for improving communication between sponsors and kids. Before I was just trying to get the basics done. Now the sponsorship program can continue to improve and grow!”

Katie will walk with the sponsors and the children to maintain a close relationship

“I’m so excited to have Katie Nelson join our team full-time this fall!” says Dan Holcomb, Lahash’s Director. “Katie started off a couple years ago volunteering a few hours a week assisting Leisha Otieno with the Sponsorship Program. After Leisha transitioned into her new role as Higher Education Director – Katie stepped up and has been a huge help to our team with her leadership of the Sponsorship Program. Katie has a deep love for kids, a very rich faith in God, and a desire to foster great relationships between the kids in East Africa and their international sponsors. It’s a privilege to have Katie on our team as we think and plan for the years ahead.”