Boy Raises $5,500 for Orphan Home

Daniel shooting hoops on October 7th

Daniel Main is a young man from Ohio with a big heart. He and his family have sponsored a Sudanese child named Sebur for six years. When the Main family heard about Lahash’s efforts to help build a new home for Sebur (due to pressure from their current landlord to leave their existing site in Uganda), the whole family brainstormed several ways to pitch in.

Daniel came up with an idea called “Hoops for Homes.” His idea was to raise $2,500 by signing people up to pledge to donate money for each basket made during a 30 minute period.

On October 7th a group of friends and family gathered to cheer for Daniel as he shot basket after basket for half an hour. When it was all over – Daniel had made 293 shots and raised over $5,500!

Friends and family hoist Daniel at the end of the event!

Lahash will continue with our building project in northern Uganda with the help of Daniel and his family. To read more about the project please visit To help contribute to this project please click on the button below and select the Special Project designation of “Building Hope: Amazing Grace Homes.”