Eagle Scouts Make Quilts for Uganda & Sudan

Peggy Milligan has been a long-time advocate for Lahash, and has used her skills in quilting to teach several ladies at Lents Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon to make quilts for kids in Sudan and Uganda over the past few years. In fact, her busy group of quilters, (which now includes a second quilting group) has been able to send over 30 quilts. Peggy taught the group from her own patterns, and provided them all with donated fabric.

The Eagle Scout boys accept the challenge!

But Peggy had a feeling that quilting wasn’t just for ladies. She gave her son Cameron’s Eagle Scout Group a challenge — to make quilts of their own. Like true men, they stepped up to the plate, making over 18 quilts to be sent to Mama Susan Tabia and the orphans she cares for in Sudan and Uganda. And now there is another group of boys from a different troop who are in the process of making even more quilts!

Children at IWASSRU hold up some of the colorful quilts sent by the quilters

This past spring a group of Lahash travelers was able to deliver the Eagle Scout’s finished quilts to Golda Poni, who joyfully received the gifts and brought them to Mama Susan. It is projects like this that bring out the true colors of the what it means to connect and give to those in need — and it truly shows that there are many, many skills that God can use to be a part of His living kingdom — just ask the boys at the local sewing circle!

Golda Poni shows off another quilt to be given to IWASSRU

Thank you so much to all of those that helped organize and implement this project, and for all the boys (and women) who donated their time and skills to warm the hearts and bodies of these special children in East Africa.