Amazing Grace Building Project Update!

Things are moving along wonderfully at Amazing Grace – but we still need your help!  The interior walls have gone up, the windows have arrived and are hung, ceilings are being plastered, and work is being completed on the latrine.

The walls and ceilings are up and plastered

The community has been abuzz with the work. Neighbors from the surrounding community frequently stop by to inspect the work and talk about the plans, and to also cook lunch for the workers. It’s been a wonderful way to bring the community and neighbors together and show how collaborative work can benefit everyone.

Windows being hung at the new Amazing Grace building

The local community has been pitching in with the drilling/boring machine — designed by Rick Baker and built by a local welder– as they drill down to access fresh and clean water. It’s a slow and tedious process to drill with the machine, which is run on manpower and pulleys, but everyone is pulling together to help.

The drilling/boring machine used to dig the well

The drilling project still needs your help! We need to raise about $1,200 in the next week to help pay for the tools, pump, and food for workers! To donate, visit and select “Amazing Grace Bore Hole” from the special projects list.