Uganda Travel Update – Team holds Nile Youth Camp

Lahash is currently facilitating a group of travelers to Uganda to work with our Sudanese and Ugandan partners during December of 2012.

Boats on the Nile River

Life in Northern Uganda is pretty challenging for most people. It involves a tremendous amount of demanding physical labor, very basic food, and a constant barrage of disease.

The beautiful thing about the people here is that many have a very joyful and hopeful attitude toward life – despite the challenges. It’s humbling to come in as a visitor and be a part of the optimistic spirit of the region.

Our Lahash team wanted to do something special for the South Sudanese kids we serve in Uganda. Nearly a year ago, I spoke with the Director of a Christian Camp in Texas, Anthony Scott, about holding a kids adventure camp in the country. We began to dream together and the pieces began to fall into place.

This past weekend – the dream became a reality!

The kids gathering as the sun sets over the Nile

Our team just returned from the banks of the Nile River where we hosted a kids’ camp for three dozen refugee orphan kids. It was held at the really unique and beautiful setting of the Arra Fishing Lodge in Northern Uganda.

Anthony Scott and his three sons brought a variety of materials to help create a zip line, a super swing, and a rappel site. We were grateful to God that the setting and the materials all came together for an adventure-packed several days.

Sebur learning to rappel at the kids' camp

The Fishing Lodge is in a nearly entirely undeveloped area of land that is home to monkeys, baboons, crocodiles, antelope, and many beautiful bird species. We were able to take most of the kids out on boat rides on the Nile River where we were able to see many of these species in their natural habitat.

A variety of the animals around the Nile camp site


Erin Holcomb joins the South Sudanese youth on a Nile boat ride

Our teaching came from 1st Peter. We were talking about being strangers in a land (refugees) and paired that with several passages on adoption into God’s family. Anthony kept reminding the kids that they are chosen and loved by God.

Anthony shares from God's word

The kids really enjoyed the various adventure elements that were set up. Children learned group development skills, learn how to rappel, and enjoyed the zip line that Anthony set up.

Sule tries out the zipline created by the Anthony Scott and his sons

South Sudanese kids doing group development activities

We also made sure the food was extra special for the camp. The Amazing Grace Children’s Home staff usually are only able to afford very simple meals for the kids of beans and posho, and some fruits and vegetables as well. At the camp nearly every meal was extra special – many were served with meat. And the kids were able to dine at the tables and the rest of the team served them their dinners. It was a real highlight of the weekend.

Delicious food was a treat for the kids at every meal time

Thanks to all of the friends who support these kids each month! And thanks to those that supported the trip and the camp. It was a rich and special weekend for the kids and the Lahash team as well.

Children and staff circling up at the Arra Fishing Lodge