New Home Dedicated at Amazing Grace!

Lahash just facilitated a group of travelers to Uganda to work with our Sudanese and Ugandan partners during December of 2012.



Dancing in celebration at the dedication

Home. The word often reminds us of comfort, security, and relationships. For a group of South Sudanese kids living in Uganda, the word has also been synonymous with the words transition and instability. The children of Amazing Grace Children’s Home have now moved three times over the past two decades.

This December nearly 30 South Sudanese children moved into a new permanent building on property that finally belongs to the home. The building’s construction is nearly complete – and our traveling team helped to dedicate the home on December 11th.

The dedication ceremony attracted 250 guests from several nations

Crowd at the dedication ceremony

The Home’s founder, Susan Abiku Tabia, invited over 250 guests from the community to come and share in the celebration. The ceremony was full-featured – meaning it took a full five hours to complete! There were people from several nations who came for the event – and many community, civic, and religious leaders participated.

A group of pastors and priests from the town took part in a prayer of blessings over the home.

After the speeches and prayers – Susan and her team of cooks served the whole audience an amazing set of dishes all cooked on outdoor mud stoves.

Dedicating the new building to God

One of the most emotional parts of the day came near the end where the older children of the home took part in singing for the crowd. The painful memories of the past often overwhelmed the children who were orphaned due to the violence in the region and the resulting diseases and unrest. The children thanked the community and their sponsors for caring for their situation.

Morris leads the Amazing Grace children in song

We at Lahash are really excited about this move to the new home. There was dancing and celebration at the ceremony, and the kids now are enjoying the clean and beautiful new home.

Dancing at the dedication ceremony

Playing with balloons inside the new home

Thanks to so many of you who took part in our various projects this past year in the construction of this first home. We are looking forward to phase 2 during the next year of 2013.

Amazing Grace Children playing with Lahash Servant Team members