The Amazing Playground Project!

My name is Ethan, and I love playgrounds. There are a lot of playgrounds where I live in Portland, OR. But there are some places without playgrounds.”

One of the places Ethan discovered that doesn’t have a playground is Amazing Grace Children’s Home in Uganda.  Many of kids living at Amazing Grace came from South Sudan, where their parents died during the war. Amazing Grace  has given the kids a second chance in life with a bright future. 

Around Christmas, Ethan Strong’s parents asked him to think of a way to help other kids…and let him run with the idea.  He decided he wanted to help kids in East Africa who didn’t have moms or dads.  Ethan then noticed the kids at Amazing Grace Children’s Home were missing something — a playground of their own!– so he wanted to do something to help. Ethan asked Lahash International to partner with him so he could to fill Amazing Grace’s need of a playground. We are hoping to build swings, monkey bars and a see saw – using local labor and materials.


Ethan wants the kids at Amazing Grace Orphanage have a playground of their own.

Ethan’s getting his whole family involved — and he needs your help too!  On Saturday, March 16 at 10:00 AM at Cook Park in Tigard, Oregon, you can help us raise money to build a playground for Amazing Grace Orphanage in Uganda.  There will be African games, African-themed snacks, and videos about Amazing Grace Orphanage to learn more about the lives of the kids there, and the project itself. (Visit the project’s web page for the whole plan, and more from Ethan.)


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We are trying to raise $1500 to cover the cost of materials, transportation and labor.  Any amount raised over this amount would be used to buy food for the orphanage.  We will also send a picture of the kids at the party to Amazing Grace Children’s Home, and after the playground is built, we give each child who helped a photo of the kids at Amazing Grace playing on their new playground.

We would love to see you all there!  For more information, RSVP,  and to invite others, go to:

To donate, go to and select “Amazing Playground Project” under “Special Projects.”