We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Lahash Christmas gift program is unique in that our sponsors can choose personalized gifts that will meet specific needs of their sponsored child.  Sponsors can choose from beds, clothes and shoes, bikes, food, school supplies, and even building materials.  The children at Grace and Healing Ministries were able to get together, enjoy a hearty meal, and receive their Christmas gifts!

We are so grateful for the generous amounts donated by our sponsors, and from donors who wanted to make sure the kids without a sponsor received a gift!

The children at Grace and Healing Ministries and their families worshiping together at Christmas.

Mariam received food, a new outfit, and tin roofing to repair the leak in her home.

Some of the kids sleep on dirt or concrete floors so many of the kids at Savior’s Home were grateful to receive mattresses.

Peter, at Savior’s Home, trying on his new shoes.

The children at Amazing Grace opening their gifts. Amale just joined the sponsorship program and this is the first Christmas present he’s ever gotten.

Kani at Amazing Grace in her new dress about to enjoy her Christmas dinner.

Thank you to everyone who was able to give this year. You truly gave these kids needed items that will help them all year long!