The Basics of Lahash Sponsorship

Most people know about the opportunities to sponsor a child in East Africa through Lahash International, but there are many people who aren’t familiar with just how a Lahash sponsorship works.

I was able to talk with Katie Nelson, Lahash’s Sponsorship Director, about the sponsorship program, and how it can change the lives of children across the world.  Here are some quick facts about the Lahash Sponsorship Program.

  1. Sponsorship through Lahash International  is more than just giving $25 a month. Our goal is to have both children and sponsors learn from and bless one another. Sponsors can expect to receive at least 2 letters a year from the child they sponsor, and at least one update and photo a year. There is an opportunity to participate in exchanging Christmas gifts with the child they sponsor. Sponsors are also welcome to write letters, send packages over with travelers and travel over themselves to meet the child they sponsor.
  2. When you sponsor a child, they receive more than just a meal or school — they receive holistic care. This includes nutritional and meal support, school fees, supplies, and uniforms, clothing and shoes, staffed children’s homes, medical care, emotional support, and spiritual guidance.
  3. The greatest need is at Path of Hope, who recently became a partner with Lahash. Currently there are 50 children at Path of Hope, but only 8 are sponsored. There is a big need, because right now they are caring for all 50 kids with very limited funds.
  4. There are currently a total of 59 children in East Africa (Tanzania and Uganda) that need to be sponsored. Click here to find out more about being a sponsor through Lahash International!

Sponsoring a child through Lahash International is all about building relationships.  We encourage our supporters to not simply write a check and forget about it, but to forge a bond with a child of God that needs not just physical support, but also emotional and spiritual support.  Contact Katie Nelson today to find out more about how you can be all the difference in the world to a child in East Africa.