Answered Prayers at Amazing Grace

Katie Nelson arrives at Amazing Grace Children’s Home

It’s another warm day in Adjumani, Uganda. The ground is still wet from a tremendous downpour last night complete with a noisy lightning and thunder show!

The Lahash team is currently on a month-long trip across East Africa visiting all partnerships – collecting stories and spending beautiful moments with the kids and staff.

Big Smiles at Amazing Grace

Kids playing on the new playground


Our first stop is with our Sudanese and Ugandan partners in the little rural town of Adjumani, Uganda. Our focus is on the 25 children living at Amazing Grace Children’s Home.


Working in an intercultural context can be filled with mistakes and miscommunication. Our team certainly has made our fair share of silly and damaging cross-cultural blunders. Compounded with that – the region here has experienced a great amount of war, disease, and poverty.


I’m excited to share that so far the our interactions have all exceeded our expectations and hopes. We’ve seen God bring together our Lahash team and East African partners through times of prayer, worship, and meetings.


Lahash staff meeting with the Amazing Grace team


There are lots of ups and downs in ministry life – but the shining faces, warm smiles, and shared faith are richly rewarding. Seeing the children well-clothed, healthy, attending school, playing on their new playground, and discussing stories of Jesus in the evening are all great indicators of God’s grace and answered prayers this past year at this partnership.


Kids attending school near the Children’s Home


Thanks to all of you for sharing this journey with us. We head out tomorrow on a bus ride south. We appreciate your prayers at every step of the way.