Best Part of the Job

The reason I (Katie) wanted to become the Lahash Sponsorship Director is because I love kids. So being here in East Africa and spending time with the kids is by far my favorite part of the job. At Amazing Grace Children’s Home in northern Uganda we spent the majority of our time creating friendship bracelets, which the kids chose at this location to give to their sponsors for Christmas. It was energizing to see their excitement over making something special to give to their sponsors.

Several of the kids also received packages from their sponsors that had some fun things to do together like jump roping and flying toy planes. A few of the girls even taught me a fun game that they play with pebbles that can be found around the compound.

One evening we shared the Jesus film in their local language. It touched my heart to hear the kids reciting some of the bible verses as they came up in the film. When it was finished the new compound manager, Victor, led the kids in a discussion and answered their questions. It’s evident that he cares deeply for the kids and their relationship with God.

Our time at Amazing Grace was brought to a close with a big party. We feasted and worshiped together. I especially loved dancing and singing our hearts out with the kids as we thanked God for his faithfulness in our lives.

I want to give a special thanks to all the sponsors who sent gifts for the kids for us to bring on this trip. They are loving them! I love what I do, and I couldn’t do it without all of you. I can’t for wait what God has in store for the rest of this trip!