Lahash’s 2014 East Africa Conference

Written by Josh Petersen, Lahash Traveler

In a hotel just outside of Mwanza, Tanzania a gathering has begun. Christian leaders from across East Africa have been arriving by bus, plane, and boat for Lahash’s 4th East Africa Conference.

Leisha Otieno, Lahash’s Partnership Coordinator, greats friends as they arrive for the conference.

This group consists of many eager, engaged, and hopeful individuals who expect change to come to vulnerable communities in East Africa. Both Lahash and their partners have come together to train each other in order to learn from the wisdom they each bring to this conference on the shores of Lake Victoria.

The rising of the sun on the first day saw these eager ambassadors of hope gathering together, hungry to hear Clark Blakeman, Lahash’s Partnership Development Director teach on conference theme — Stepping Into Godly Leadership Together. Each day, Clark’s first session focuses on theology and knowing God better, and then in the second session, gave the group ways of practically applying relational, Godly leadership. The afternoon workshops were a chance for everyone to hear from both the Lahash staff and East African partners on topics of holistic child development.

Sarah Night from Amazing Grace introduces herself to the group

Throughout the day, everyone was able to enjoy fellowship across cultures, games filled with laughter, shared meals, and time to relax and refresh their bodies, minds, and spirits. Day one was filled with an atmosphere of kindred spirits. We can only imagine how amazing this week will be. Lahash and their partners are excited to see how they can push the boundaries of service, love, and hope in East Africa together.

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