Teach Us To Pray

Article written by Dan Holcomb, Executive Director of Lahash International

It is still dark when the twelve orphaned kids at Mama Susan Tabia’s home in Kampala, Uganda, wake up to start the day. The two oldest boys, Noel and Wani, help the younger children get ready as well as preparing themselves for another day of study in secondary school. Noel dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer one day. “It’s important to the people of Uganda and South Sudan. I will be able to provide the services they are lacking most – especially in South Sudan where there are wars taking place.”

Attending school is an unbelievable opportunity – but staying in school can be a real challenge.

Noel stands in his school uniform outside the children’s home in Kampala, Uganda.

This past spring Noel and Wani were confronted by their teachers and informed that tuition fees had been increased… again. Unable to pay the new fees, the boys were told not to return.

They were devastated.

Noel contemplated the potential loss of his dreams. “At that point,” he shared “I felt very bad because all my plans that I have for my future weren’t going to be fulfilled.” When he was a small child, Noel’s father died and his mother then abandoned the family. His siblings now count on him. “In our family, we are eight children. I am the only one who is educated. This means that it will be my role to head the family.”

Noel and Wani’s tough news was compounded by several other pressing problems. “We appreciate the endless struggle that Lahash is doing in order to support us here,” Mama Susan told the Lahash team in Portland. “However, there are a few challenges that we are facing, and I would appreciate if you advise us accordingly.” She then described illnesses needing urgent treatment, pressing food shortages for the children, and rent coming due on some land, all in addition to Noel and Wani’s school exclusion.

The Portland team sent back some words of encouragement to Mama Susan, and rallied others to pray that God would intervene in beautiful and miraculous ways to provide peace and provision.

Mama Susan replied, “Your words found a place in my heart, they uplifted and gave me hope. Your heart was heavy for the weight I was carrying and you went with that heavy heart to our merciful Father. There was total peace in my heart and I believed that Father would respond positively. ‘He that comes to the Father must believe that He rewards those that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6.’”

Over the next week God moved the hearts of many kind friends, and Lahash was able to transfer enough funds to cover all of the pressing needs of the home, including Noel and Wani’s school fees!

Wani poses for a photo before heading off to school.

Wani’s heart overflowed with thankfulness for this network of international friends:

“Saying thank you to the people who have been providing us with fees is not enough for all the help they are giving to me… it is by God’s grace, that’s why we are able to go to school and that’s why we are able to get help from them. If it wasn’t God, I wouldn’t have gone to school.”

It was a crucial lesson for all of us on the importance of prayer and the role of the body of Christ. Mama Susan pleads for prayer to cover the children as they grow up. “Continue to pray for wisdom. Pray for more provision in order to expand the ministry since many children are desperate for support,” she shares. “And pray for peace in Southern Sudan.”

Will you take a moment now to pray for Noel and Wani, and for Mama Susan’s ministry? We are honored to have people partner with us in prayer for our students and various other needs throughout our partnerships. To receive updated prayer requests via email, please sign up here.

To help support students like Noel, Wani and many others, visit our Stand With Students page, to learn more about Lahash’s new educational program.