The New Rice & Beans Month Devotional Book Is Here!

Lahash International would love to share A Common Meal with you!

This book represents the heart of our annual Rice & Beans Month event. It contains daily devotions to help adults and kids engage spiritually. It lays out all the practical aspects of participation, including lots of recipes and tips. It holds beautiful stories of how lives have been changed over first five years of Rice & Beans Month. Whether you are new to the idea of considering what it might be like to participate in Rice & Beans Month, a seasoned Rice & Beans veteran, or somewhere in between, this book is the perfect guide for your journey.

Order a copy of the book!

A Common Meal is tangible evidence of a growing passion to experience God satisfying both physical and spiritual hunger. Its pages contain the hard work of many devotional writers, photographers, designers, editors, reviewers, home cooks, travelers, child sponsors, and ministry leaders. Every single one of them is eager to see you pick up this book, engage deeply with God, and allow your heart to be stirred to action on behalf of the vulnerable.

You can order it at, or swing by the Book Release Party at Imago Dei Community (Room 101) this Saturday, February 7 @ 7PM.

A huge THANKS to all of you who have been a part of this project in countless ways!