Spring Lahash Team heading to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, & Tanzania

Spring Lahash Team

On May 17th Josh Petersen and Dan Holcomb will be traveling to East Africa to meet up with Leisha Otieno for visits to several locations across the region. Lahash is excited to announce developing friendships with two new East African ministries!

ERM is located in Rwanda and serves vulnerable children and widows and trains young adults with life skills. ERM is dedicated to sharing the good news and love of Jesus with the people of Rwanda.

Nipe Tumaini is a children’s home in the nation of Kenya. The home is just about finished with construction in the Rift Valley near the town of Mai Mahiu. The team is dedicated to providing parental love to vulnerable kids and helping raise the kids with self-reliant skills in a Christian atmosphere.

Our team is really looking forward to deeper relationship with these two ministries and seeing if God would have our paths unite in partnership later this year.

Will you pray for our team as we prepare and travel this Spring?

  1. Please pray for discernment as our ministries meet together to pray and talk over potential partnership collaboration.
  2. Pray for safety as our team travels by bus, plane, motorcycle, and taxi for thousands of kilometers.
  3. Pray that each of us with grow in our faith in Christ through the trip and that many vulnerable children will be cared for by the efforts we put forth.

Here’s our planned itinerary:

    • * May 17 – Dan and Josh fly to Rwanda and meet up with Leisha. The Lahash team then spends 3 days with the ERM team and meets with the local staff and some of the children.
    • * May 21 – Leisha, Dan, and Josh travel to Uganda to spend time with Mama Susan and the Sudanese kids served with our partners in Kampala.
    • * May 22 – The team travels north by bus to Adjumani to visit the Amazing Grace Children’s Home and see the completed kitchen built with the efforts of the 26Together fundraising campaign.
    • * May 27 – The Lahash team heads back down to Kampala for a couple nights and spends time with Mama Susan’s kids.
    • * May 29 – Josh, Leisha, and Dan meet up with the Nipe Tumani team in the nation of Kenya.
    • * June 1 – Dan heads back to the US, Leisha heads to her home and family in Shirati, and Josh spends a week with the our partners at Path of Hope in Shinyanga.
    • * June 12 – Josh arrives back in the United States.