Travel Team Update: “Bus Seats & Crocodile Eats”

By Josh Petersen from Adjumani, Uganda

After only 22 hours of bus travel with a couple of hours rest in between, we have arrived safely in Adjumani! Thanks be to God that we are here and enjoying time with the children and staff of Amazing Grace Children’s Home. It has been wonderful to be surrounded by the laughter of the kids and peacefulness of the countryside.

The new kitchen at Amazing Grace!

When we pulled up to the home, the first thing I saw was the new kitchen! It is up and operating beyond what I had thought ever would happen! I almost jumped out of my sandals when I first saw it. There is a new eating area which has been furnished with new table and chairs. And the cooking area has much better ventilation than the previous structure. There are a series of bricks which are designed to have open holes in them and allow for a good amount of airflow.  I am so thankful for everyone who participated in 26Together and Rice & Beans Month to make this possible for the children. They are enjoying eating in the space and asked me to pass along their gratitude to everyone!

The kids sharing a meal in the new dining room!

Lahash staff member, Leisha Otieno, with a crocodile

We arrived at Amazing Grace on Saturday and on Sunday we enjoyed a restful Sabbath. We spent the morning in town at church, enjoying fellowship with brothers and sisters. In the afternoon we were blessed with a time out of the city with some amazing friends, Rick and Haley Baker. Those two are currently working in Adjumani on a couple of ventures which I was excited to learn a bit more about.  They took us to a place outside of town to relax, talk, and just enjoy some quiet time. While there we discovered there were some baby crocodiles the staff were holding onto. Some of us enjoyed the crocs while others (me) decided we make better croc food than we (I) thought. I discovered that even baby Nile crocodiles have sharp teeth.

We are getting ready for this week to be a busy one. We have a lot of interviews and meetings with staff and kids here at Amazing Grace. Please be praying for us as we communicate with our partners.  It is always hard to have good communication with those who speak different languages and come from different cultures. I am looking forward to seeing how God works through the time we have here. I love getting to know these children and see how they are such an important part of what God is doing here on this earth.

I am daily humbled by the sacrifices I see others make simply for the sake of others. Today there was a matron of a local group of women who brought to the home two giant buckets (and I mean giant) of beans, corn, maize, and cassava.  They are a group of mostly widows and refugees who spared what little they have to care for the orphans at Amazing Grace. I hope you are as inspired as I am by these stories.