Travel Team Update: “Nipe Tumaini”

Written By Josh Petersen:

Here’s another update from our travels through East Africa last month! I am pleased to say that we had safe travels in our many bus rides.  We were able to spend a night in Kampala at the children’s home there.  We had a good time checking in on them and enjoying their excitement over Christmas gifts which they received recently.  Some of them were proudly showing off mattresses and new shoes, or even a new backpack for school!  I want to pass along many of their thanks to the sponsors and donors for their generosity this last year at Christmastime.  They are putting their gifts to good use and enjoying every minute of them.

From Kampala we had a long, long, journey to Nairobi, Kenya.  Once there we descended into the Rift valley.  If you have not had a chance to check out the Rift valley, it is one of the most impressive sights I have seen in a while.  Our destination, after the many thousand foot decent, was Nipe Tumaini (Knee-pay Too-my-eenee).  Nipe Tumaini is a new partner of Lahash with the desire of opening a children’s home.  They have purchased 10 acres of land in the Rift valley and have just completed construction of the children’s home and are continuing expanding the farm project.  The goal is to eventually have a home for vulnerable orphans which is self-sustaining as much as possible.  The food which is grown on the farm will feed the folks living in the home and they will live well.  Eventually they are hoping to have much expansion happen and it was very exciting for the Lahash team to meet with them and develop our partnership.  We hope you will join us in praying that this new partnership grows and flourishes as we both grow together.

Our travel took us from the valley back up to Nairobi.  We sadly parted ways with Leisha who went back to her home in Tanzania.  Dan and I continued on to spend some time with Edwin and Christine Angote.  They live just on the other side of Nariobi and we had a wonderfully relaxing time with them.  I woke up one day to find my dear Dan had left for home.  He didn’t even say goodbye… But I thank him for not waking me up, I have been trying to catch up on my sleep ever since the bus from Kigali, Rwanda to Adjumani, Uganda.

Edwin and his family receiving gifts from Lahash.

After my time with the Angote family, I traveled on to Tanzania to visit our partners at Path Of Hope.  It was a fruitful time of learning and teaching. Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll tell you more about my time with Path of Hope. To see pictures from the entire trip, visit the Facebook photo gallery.