Travel Team Visits Nipe Tumaini

The Lahash Sponsorship and Media Team just completed the first portion of our journey in East Africa.

Casey, Will, Edwin, and myself (Katie) just visited our newest potential partner, Nipe Tumaini. We found ourselves traveling on a dry, dusty road full of potholes, navigating around herds of sheep and a boy standing on a cart powered by three donkeys. Nipe Tumaini is far from town and quite a journey but it’s a beautiful place full of life and hope.

We met with Stephen and Benson the two men who dreamed of creating this children’s home and who continue to cast a vision for its future. As we toured around the home and farm I couldn’t help but be inspired by their patient, thoughtful pursuit of this dream. They explained to us that the farm was important because it will provide balanced nutrition for the children in the home and will generate a sustainable income as well. We even got to see the new irrigation system that was funded through Rice & Beans Month. It is conserving water, and allowing them to spend less time and energy on watering. Will and Casey got some great photos of this project and some good interviews of Benson and Stephen sharing about what God is doing in this place.

I was able to have a really helpful sponsorship meeting with the team and get in some good training to prepare them for the requirements of the sponsorship program. I was so encouraged by Benson’s determination to lay an excellent foundation before bringing children in. The meeting was refreshing as we found over and over that our vision and heart for caring for vulnerable children connected us to each other in a way that crosses borders and cultures. We agreed that it is a reminder that God is at work doing beautiful things through his people.

At the end of our visit our team participated in a tradition at Nipe Tumaini. We each planted a tree on the property, getting our hands dirty and playing a small part in the future of this ministry. It was a great visit, and we look forward to building a strong relationship with Nipe Tumiani.

You can see even more photos from our trip on Facebook.

Katie Nelson