Lahash Portland needs a new home

Lahash ministers to vulnerable kids across East Africa but our main headquarters is located in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon (USA). Our team loves the quirky city, the delicious coffee, and the ever-expanding bike lanes in this rain-drenched section of the Pacific Northwest.

Back in 2009, we were being graciously hosted by First Covenant and Vibrant Covenant churches in a small basement. We were outgrowing that space and needed some more square footage to host events and workstations for our team. That summer Berean Baptist church generously opened up a home on their property to let us use for our U.S. office. It’s been a tremendous help over the years.

Lahash Office Search collage

Currently we have eight staff and dozens of volunteers in our office on any given week! We’ve hosted hundreds of training events, presentations, and potluck dinners for the Portland community. But the office/home is over a hundred years old and needs a lot of repairs. And we are actually beginning to outgrow this space as well. Furthermore Berean is interested in making use of the property for some new purposes.

We’ve let Berean Baptist Church know that we’ll be moving by March of 2016 and that they can begin to use the property and office for their new ventures.

That means… Lahash Portland needs a new home! 

Where to?

That’s a good question! We need the help of friends across Portland to network for us and help us find this new home.

This would be our ideal setup:

  • We’d like to be located somewhere on the east side of Portland. See the map below for the general area. Most of our volunteers and staff live on the east side of the city.
  • We need between 2000 and 4000 square feet of office space.
  • We are trying to keep our overhead low so that the vast majority of our donations go to East Africa. We’d be very grateful if a church or a business was able to provide the space for free for our team!
  • We generally use our space during weekdays and on Monday nights.
  • We need parking for up to 30 vehicles.
  • We are looking for a space to host our team for at least 3 years.

Do you have any ideas for our team? Are you a business owner or pastor interested in hosting our team and helping make a difference in the lives of vulnerable kids in East Africa? Do you have contacts that could help us out?

If so, please email our team at or call our office at 503-288-5818

We’d also greatly appreciate your prayers as we enter into this search.

Lahash office search area

Lahash Meal

Lahash Presentation by Leisha