Giving Thanks

Here at Lahash we are so thankful for each one of the ministries we partner with across East Africa, and for all the precious children they serve. Their thankfulness in the midst of such harsh struggles continues to inspire us and lead us into giving thanks as well to God as well.

This year we invited our friends in East Africa to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with us! To unite our hearts in gratitude toward God, we asked some of the kids in our sponsorship program what they were thankful for. Their responses are honest, thoughtful, and inspiring. Enjoy!

“I thank God for my father who was so sick but was prayed for and got well. My father did not believe in God but after this experience, he is now attending church.” – Regina in Tanzania

“I thank God because I can access clothing which was a rare thing.” – Grace in Kenya

“I thank God for his love, care and protection. (2 Corinthians 14:1) But mostly for education services, spiritual growth and guidance. He made me to obtain good results in school and I have finished senior 4. Praise Him!” – Noel in Uganda

“My grandmother has partially recovered from diabetes. She could not talk for nearly 18 months, thank God she now speaks though still with difficulties. I really thank God for the miracle.” – Amale in Uganda

“I am so thankful for a healing from frequent stomach problem.” – Mwanaisha in Tanzania

“I’ve always had headaches, even after medication I hardly took 2 weeks before another. I’ve been thinking maybe something is wrong with my brain. I used to miss school so many days each term because of the headache, but thank God this third term I never fell sick. My head seems perfectly alright now.” – Moris in Uganda

“I thank God for my mother’s health, earlier this year my mother was critically sick but so far she is OK and regained stable health.” – Otta in Tanzania

“I’m thankful God has continued to provide food.” – Praise in Kenya

“I thought I was unlucky. But God knew and loves me. He gave me a home and a very strong mama who corrects me all the time, paid my school fees up to senior 2. He then brought mama Cathy [Lahash’s Stand With Students Director] in my path. I did well and now have a certificate in baking. God loves me.” – Nasande in Uganda

“I’m thanking God for everyone taking care of us.” – Kelly in Kenya

“I am grateful to God for I lost the hope of ever enrolling to the Lahash mentorship program [Stand With Students]. Finally I have started it and am very very happy.” – Modong in Uganda

“I thank God for my sponsor who helped me get a mattress, before I did not have one and suffered a lot sleeping on my mat.” – Ester in Tanzania

“My name is Sarah Night! l am a South Sudanese by nationality. A big part of my personal background is surrounded by war. And l grew up at Amazing Grace Children’s Home. I am thanking God for the great work He did by bringing mama Cathy [Lahash’s Stand With Students Director] to support me through the higher education program, hence l was able to join the university in 2013 which was a life changing event for me. I had no idea about everything the Lord had for me. Only when you trust in him, he does a lot to you! And he has greater plans for me and you according to Jeremiah 29:11.” – Sarah in Uganda


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