Give the Gift of School Uniforms & Shoes

For most of the kids Lahash serves in East Africa, the opportunity of attending school is one of the greatest gifts. Many children across the region cannot attend school due to overcrowded schools, lack of access, and the prohibitively high costs of school fees and mandatory uniforms and shoes.

For orphaned and vulnerable kids this poses a very high barrier to attending school and becoming an educated and productive member of society.

But there is hope.

This year Lahash International has partnered with ministries and churches across the region to provide sets of school uniforms and shoes to extremely vulnerable kids. These local Christians minister directly to these dear children during the year and assist with the selection, purchasing, and altering of the clothing sets. Our partners bless these children in the name of Jesus with this love and care and help make a profound difference in their lives.

You can join us in making a difference too! Right now!

By giving the gift of a school uniform and shoes listed below, you can provide hope and dignity to a child and help them attend another year of school.


These standard items are required for kids to attend school in East Africa, and the cost is simply out of reach for many orphaned and vulnerable children. Not only will you directly impact a child’s education, you will give them a smile of pride at receiving the rare gift of brand new clothes.

Dan Holcomb