Join us for a Global Day of Prayer

You are invited to join the Lahash Community in dedicating 2016 to the Lord. We are spending time praying as a global family on the 11th of January. As you are able, use this outline to prompt your prayers and worship throughout the day. You are also invited to set apart some or all of the day in fasting.

1. Read Scripture to Prepare Your Spirit.

Here are some suggested Bible passages that you can use to prepare your heart and mind for your time of prayer. Psalm 100, Isaiah 55:1-3, Psalm 91,  John 17, Psalm 65, Hebrews 10:1-25, Psalm 145.

2. Worship God for His Goodness.

Offer prayers of thanks and praise for how good God has been to you and your community, to the vulnerable in East Africa, to the global Lahash community, and to Lahash’s East African partners this past year.

Here are a few things to get you started…

Provision, protection, health, growth, new sponsors for kids, 288 vulnerable kids being loved and cared for, construction of a new kitchen at Amazing Grace Children’s Home, publication of Rice & Beans Month devotional guide, salvation and spiritual transformation in many lives, increased capacity and financial transparency of our partners, a new partner in Kenya, 7 new students in our higher education program, a successful Servant Team experience for 3 young people, a great 10 Year Anniversary Celebration for Lahash …

3. Ask God for His Help.

As we look forward to 2016 there are many ways in which we need God’s guidance and intervention. Let the following categories lead you as you dedicate this year of ministry to the Lord.

The Region of East Africa

  • The spread of the Good News of Jesus
  • The unity of the local church
  • Peace and harmony
  • A cure and vaccine for AIDS and Malaria
  • Godly and wise governments committed to just and honest leadership


Lahash Partners and Sponsored Children in East Africa (288 kids being served)

  • Nipe Tumaini (Kenya)
  • Grace and Healing Ministries of Dodoma (GHMD, Tanzania)
  • Path of Hope (Tanzania)
  • Amazing Grace Children’s Home and Kampala House (Uganda)


Lahash Departments and Programs

  • Finances, Child Sponsorship, Media and Storytelling, Rice & Beans Month, Partner Development, Stand With Students, Servant Teams


Lahash Sponsors, Advocates, Staff, Board, and Volunteers



You can download this text in the PDF format to print or use on your mobile device.